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High-end drones used at movie production sites

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

We know that all the equipment used to make movies can be expensive and cost several times more than we think. But German video effects company OMStudios creatively solved the problem and used an impressive Red Epic camera mounted on a flying drone that uses it to record aerial video with a high resolution of up to 5000.

Sounds interesting, and you will have better control over all the controls of this drone, because the collision may immediately make you hear 2 truncated sounds, the first from the Red Epic camera and the second from your heart . Imagine it would be much easier to use a crane and get unique lenses from above.

Now let's look at the new thing of drones from the other side. Although it is cool to use it in the film industry, it can also be used for dirty purposes. Imagine that an experienced person controlling such a drone can easily monitor each stage no matter what floor you are on. In fact, this has become possible in reality, so for some confidential or worried about personal safety For those who are personally hidden, the drone jammers is indeed a perfect piece of equipment.

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