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GPS jammer interrupts surrounding GPS and navigation signals

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, pilots flying along the Gold and Silver Coast and throughout the southeast may experience GPS signal jammer issues next week. A naval organization called "Fourth Carrier Strike" is conducting maritime military exercises. Until January 24, GPS and navigation signals were interrupted or blocked due to the effects of gps jammer. This is from the FAA flight report released on Monday.

According to the FAA card included in the press release, the test of GPS jammers for pilots flying to Virginia and Florida Keys "may lead to unreliable or unavailable GPS signals." Pilots flying at altitudes of only 50 to 40,000 feet may be affected.

More: The pilot avoided the residential area before the collision landed on a field near Vero Beach Regional Airport. The administration said the test lasted until 5pm on Friday. European Summer Time. Saturday until 11:59 pm The team will retest on Thursday from 12 pm to 11.59 pm. And next Friday from 11.30am to 11:59 pm.

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