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Russia's jammer drones play a big role in electronic warfare

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

In Russian electronic warfare, unidentified officials told NBC that such drone jammers have a "business impact" and that Russian equipment is sophisticated enough to overcome many existing countermeasures, including anti-jamming components. "The U.S. military maintains adequate countermeasures and protections to ensure the safety of our manned and unmanned aircraft, our forces, and the missions they support," said Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon. report.

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First, it should be mentioned that once these interfering devices are created, they will be tested. With all necessary tests, such as emission frequency, battery life, etc., the interference range can also be tested. These devices are most often tested in open areas-which is why manufacturers always demand a larger range than real products. Obviously, the range is wider when there are no different buildings and concrete structures. But the truth is that most of us live in big cities, and we are often surrounded by tall buildings. This explains why you shouldn't be surprised if your cell phone signal jamming device cannot block the signal from a phone 20 meters away.

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