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How to prevent the government from tracking your location

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

The Ninth District Appeals Court has just ruled that it is legal for police to connect a GPS tracker to your car on the driveway of your property. How to protect yourself. How can you stop this without finding the GPS tracker at the bottom or even inside the car?

Your first bet may be to find out if someone is chasing you. You can rotate your phone and wrong device detector here. But this is not 100%. So if you are really paranoid and want to hide your place, you should stop the chaser anyway.

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The first category is gps jammer. In the United States, purchasing and using GPS jammers is technically illegal. So keep that in mind. This type of GPS signal jammer has been inserted into the car's cigarette lighter and "banned GPS signals" for up to 10 meters. Ten meters is not too far away, but it is not very close, so when you are driving on the street, a car next to you may cause GPS interference.

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