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How to prevent illegal eavesdropping?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-22

A wifi jammer can help you solve this problem. Do you know the harm that information leakage can bring to you? There are many people who don't know or think that their identity is not so honorable and is of low value to bad people, and others will not be interested in their information. But the fact is that the problem of leaking information has become the norm, and the word leak has become a generic term. Nowadays, many mobile phones have their own videos or recordings. If they are lost, it is not only easy to leak personal information, but also easy to be used by fraudsters, and some even seriously endanger national information security. From ancient times to modern times, the methods of leaking secrets and eavesdropping have evolved step by step with historical times. Eavesdropping on private individuals has risen to a number of secret areas such as politics, national defense, and conferences.

Information security comes first, and now everyone pays more attention to how to avoid and prevent eavesdropping. Today is the development period of new technology products, and the technology of eavesdropping equipment has also improved a lot, and even the types of eavesdropping devices are diverse. Eavesdropping equipment often brings a lot of confusion to people in offices, conference halls, and under the desks of important people's discussions, potted plant pots, computer keyboards, paper drawers, and other hidden areas.

If you are looking forward to a safe indoor space for conversations, whether it is a corporate meeting, communication with friends, or a high-profile discussion at a dinner table, and you do not expect the specific content of the conversation to be leaked or publicly released, a wifi blocker can help you solve it. When you turn on the device, the wifi signal jammer will emit ultrasonic waves that exceed the threshold of people's hearing system and are harmless to people. Using the ultrasonic noise optimization algorithm developed by us, microphones in digital products such as mobile phones and voice recorders can be used. After receiving the damage of the signal jammer, the sound of the normal conversation is drowned in random noise, and the post-recording processing process optimization algorithm cannot be recovered, thereby ensuring that the specific content of the conversation will not be leaked from the root cause.

Wifi Jammer Features

The research and development is based on the ultrasonic noise optimization algorithm of FPGA, which can effectively interfere with digital products such as mobile phones and voice recorders. The actual effect of anti-recording is at the world's leading level, which can effectively ensure that conversations will not be recorded and fully ensure the security of information.

The protection range of the wifi jammer device is similar to a cone-shaped indoor space. The interference range is around 15 square meters. wifi frequency blocker The interference distance for most electronic products and digital products is about 2 meters. It can form a safe space. In such a space, there is no need to worry. To be recorded by others, the sound wave frequencies of the signal jammer are only suitable for sounds that are acceptable to mobile phones, tape recorders and other electronic products but people cannot hear. Compared to other anti-recorders, there is no hum, it can protect the conversation quietly and the natural environment will not be disturbed.

Wifi signal jammer experience

Signal jammers are only reasonable for electronic products and digital products, and will not interfere with people. Because the body does not receive ultrasonic waves, the recordings of mobile phones are basically noise, but people cannot hear them, so they endanger normal conversation and communication, and even cannot. The jammer is found to be working.

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