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What environment can a wifi jammer be installed with better effect?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-22

Why sometimes does the installation of a wifi jammer not work, or the effect is very poor? In fact, this is attributable to the surrounding environment where you use the wifi signal jammer. The wifi blocker application is specific to the installation technology.

Factors to consider when installing a wifi blocker

The following factors must be considered: 1. Comprehensive factors for indoor shielding: 1. Consider the horizontal application field air area of ​​the area to be shielded; 2. Consider the floor height of the shielded area or the vertical height from the air; 3. Consider the house 4. It is necessary to consider whether the source signal enhancement measures or secondary amplification have been adopted in the room; 5. It is necessary to consider the proportion of indoor metal and non-metallic space; 6. It is necessary to consider Whether the transmission frequency of the existing wireless equipment in the room can cause mutual interference on the same frequency; 7. It is necessary to consider the acceptance ability and safe distance of the existing indoor fine instrumentation equipment against different frequency interference; 8. It is necessary to consider the isolation of house windows and doors and windows' condition and orientation.

The frequency band of electromagnetic waves ranges from several Hz to tens of hundreds of GHz, and each segment may be used as a signal for communication. Will there be some special frequency bands used in the examination room? Indeed, radio communication tools in special-purpose frequency bands "came into being" in this context. The working frequency band of these devices is selected outside the frequency range covered by the mobile phone jammer, and the wifi frequency jammer does not work on them. For this special-purpose radio communication tool, the examination room is specially equipped with a monitoring vehicle equipped with a radio monitor for real-time monitoring of radio wave signals of unknown origin.

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So how exactly do radio detectors work? Because electromagnetic waves have the characteristics of "closer and far smaller", by constantly moving the detection vehicle, the monitoring equipment can locate the position of the signal transmitter according to the distance and the strength of the signal, and capture the offenders who use these radio communication tools on the spot. Nowadays, drones have also appeared in the college entrance examination room, which can perform signal positioning faster. Therefore, neither mobile phones nor these special-purpose radio equipment can play a role in the college entrance examination room.

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