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Can the mobile phone shielding device be powered by the vehicle cigarette lighter?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-06

Customers often ask us: If the cell phone disruptor is used in the car, can it be powered directly from the cigarette lighter on the car? Regarding this issue, the following aspects need to be considered:

First of all: what is the purpose of using a cell phone signal blocker? Do you want to block cell phone signals inside or outside the car? If it is for the outside of the car, the optional mobile phone shielding device must be a high-power model. What is a high-power model? That is, the output power of each frequency band of the mobile phone shielding instrument must be at least tens of watts. Because the outside of the car belongs to the outdoor environment, the strength of the mobile phone signal transmitted by the base station along the vehicle or the surrounding base stations will be relatively strong. If the mobile phone signal shielding in the outdoor space wants to have a real effect, it must have enough power to effectively suppress it. And if it is only for mobile phone signal shielding in the car, you can choose a low-power model.

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After figuring out the application scenarios and how to choose the mobile phone screen instrument of the high-power and low-power models, let's analyze whether the vehicle cigarette lighter can be used to supply power to the device: the power consumption of high-power models is usually several hundred watts. Even the kilowatts, and basically require AC power supply, in this case, the power supply of the vehicle cigarette lighter is definitely not enough, because the power line in the cigarette lighter has a limited diameter, and the output power of the cigarette lighter is not enough. High, usually only two or three hundred watts. When using a low-power mobile phone shielding device, the power consumption is generally one or two hundred watts, and the output power of the cigarette lighter is just enough.

It should be noted here that conventional mobile phone shielding instruments are generally powered by AC, which requires a suitable DC to AC inverter for the cigarette lighter. Because the space in the driving area of ​​the vehicle is limited, when supplying power to the cell phone jammer, whether it is for mobile phone signal shielding in the car or outside the car, you must pay attention to the safe use of the device. To ensure reliable contact between the inverter and the cigarette lighter gps jammer, to ensure that the mobile phone shielding device is placed in the car or installed firmly without shaking, so as not to cause hidden dangers to driving safety!

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