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Features of Jammer mart GPS Jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-04

Features of Jammer mart GPS jammers? I believe that many people have questions, and today I will answer them with you!

The GPS blocker mainly affects the radio waves by releasing radio waves, which can make the GPS locator invalid within the specified electromagnetic band, and form the same electromagnetic environment as the device to achieve the purpose of blocking the signal. At present, it mainly blocks the GPS satellite signal so that the data cannot be uploaded to the platform. As a result, the device cannot be used normally when offline.

GPS jammer

In theory, the GPS signal is blocked. The current jammer can be blocked together with the LBS signal. The car dealer cannot find the vehicle information. Of course, the premise is that the GPS jammer needs to be powered on all the time or the GPS is dismantled, otherwise the car dealer can still locate. , The working principle of the GPS signal jammer is to cut off the GPS frequency band signal, so that the car is in a signal isolation state.

The features of jammer mart GPS Jammer are as follows:

1. Effectively prevent the vehicle GPS tracker from being tracked and located. anytime, anywhere, whatever you want;

2. Effectively prevent Beidou/GPS WeChat positioning and anti-tracking.

In the default working state, the Texin handheld N2 GPS jammer turns on the device before the car starts, and the GPS jammer can last for eight hours.

The above are the characteristics of jammer mart GPS jammer, I hope it will help you after reading it!

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