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Features and installation instructions of wifi high-power signal jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-08-17

The high-power wifi signal jammer can block the 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G signals of China Mobile Unicom Telecom, as well as the wifi2.4G and wifi5.8G signals. Using high gain array antenna, the capacity is increased by 5 times.

The shielding range is 10-50 meters, (depending on the distance and signal strength of the surrounding signal towers) the shielding device will affect the signal of the operator's signal tower, please use it with caution.

The first half of the antenna part is made of ABS plastic to prevent the signal from being blocked, and the second half of the signal transmitting part is made of metal shell with additional cooling fans and aluminum alloy heat sinks to ensure high-power operation.

 high power wifi signal jammer

Built-in ultra-thick heat sink and multiple cooling fans, surrounded by convection air inlet and air outlet to speed up the radiator to ensure long-term stable use of the machine and prolong the service life.

Installation instructions:

1. The normal installation height is 1.8 meters to 2.5 meters. Try to install it in a position where there are no obstacles between the target countermeasure area.

2. In order to avoid possible impact on some electronic devices, please try to keep more than 1~2 meters away from the following common devices: stereos, wireless microphones, radios, computers, TVs, Wi-Fi routers, etc.

3. Use the adapter to connect the power supply.

4. Press the green power switch, the countermeasurer starts to block the three-network 2G3G4G5G mobile phone signal and WIFI signal immediately after 3-5 seconds.

5. Press the WIFI control button, it will not counter the WIFI signal

6. Press the fan control button to start all fans

7. It is normal for the host to heat up after working for a long time; if the temperature is too high, please turn off the power and contact a technician to solve the problem.

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