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How to deal with the miltary anti-jamming technology of electronic in modern warfare

Admin Posted on 2022-08-26

The communication anti-jamming technology takes directed energy weapons as an example. This technology mainly uses the energy generated by laser beams, microwave beams and particle beams to attack the target. , Break down the enemy's electronic devices in a short time, destroy the operation efficiency of the interference equipment, and avoid the interference implemented by the opponent's electronic equipment by virtue of its extremely high rate of fire. Another example is the clutter jamming technology, which is equipped with a self-protection device in the external jammer. With its internal energy, the radar jamming device in a specific direction implements anti-jamming to hinder the normal operation of the enemy radar system.

Electronic jamming refers to the use of one's own military signal jammer electronic equipment to interfere with the performance of the enemy's signal jammer device, and artificially radiating electronic waves to create false information to deceive the enemy or disrupt the enemy's reception of information. Make the data collected by the enemy's electronic equipment inaccurate and reduce the application efficiency of the enemy's electronic equipment. Military jammers are mainly divided into active jamming and passive jamming, and their effects are also two aspects: the effect of clutter to disturb and the effect of false information deception. In modern warfare, the methods and effects of interference have been sharply improved. The enhancement of infrared radiation has shortened the detection range of the enemy's radar, which has also enabled the application of stealth technology in air combat.

Radar electronic countermeasure technology

This technique is commonly used in electronic countermeasures. The radar mainly detects the location information of the opponent, obtains the operational geographic information of the opponent, and then better determines the choice of electronic countermeasures and the attack range. At the same time, radar technology can also interfere with the radar technology of the other party, affecting the transmission of information, and realizing the information transmission interference to the local electronic system. Destroy enemy information transmission channels. The object of radar is mainly electromagnetic signals. Influence enemy operations by interfering with the propagation of electromagnetic waves.

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Coherent Noise Interference

Judging from the more popular electronic jamming technologies at this stage, the coherent noise jamming methods used are mainly non-correlated broadband blocking jamming and frequency measurement quasi-narrowband jamming jamming. Since it is not necessary to consider the source of the signal when using coherent noise interference, it also leads to the later echo. The effect of electronic countermeasures can be improved by increasing the noise interference power. After that, the interference effect can be improved by one or more quantitative difficulties, and the energy required for electronic interference will be greatly reduced, the interference radius will also be doubled, and the battlefield support effect will also be significantly improved.

Secrecy communication technology based on time-varying system

Although the existing chaotic secure communication system can resist jamming signals to a certain extent, its encryption performance still has certain limitations. Here, time-varying parameters can be added. At the receiving device, for the same system sent from the sending end, at the receiving device, perform spectrum analysis on the synchronization signal sent from the sending end, master the changing law of its parameters, and then demodulate the original signal. source information to achieve double encryption effect. Although the parameters of the time-varying filter are in a sub-dynamic state, it can also be regarded as a time-invariant system in a short period of 10ms. The effective detection of the synchronization signal can be realized by relying on the short-time spectrum analysis method. The information decryption can be completed when the parameter changes of the sender and the receiver are consistent.

The development trend of electronic military jammer

The development trend of electronic countermeasure equipment Information warfare has become the "prelude" of modern warfare, which can effectively reduce the casualties of one's own side and shorten the war time. Under this circumstance, countries all over the world are developing their own electronic countermeasure systems while strengthening the defense capability of information systems, and constructing electronic countermeasure systems with fast response speed, high precision and strong signal processing ability. Due to the development of intelligent technology, the design of electronic countermeasures system will gradually realize unmanned and intelligent design with the development of intelligent technology. Through the intelligent data processing terminal, the self-calculation of relevant data is carried out, so as to obtain the correct countermeasure strategy And implement it to achieve soft kill to the enemy and at the same time to ensure that the information system of one's own side is free from interference. At the same time, the progress of electronic countermeasures technology will also promote our country's research in the field of countermeasure electronic countermeasures technology, and ensure the safety of our magnetic space.

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