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Application of Military Jammer in Electronic Station

Admin Posted on 2022-08-17

Electronic jamming is a form of electronic warfare in which military signal jammer radiate jamming signals to enemy radars, blocking receivers with highly concentrated energy signals. The two main styles of technology are noise technology and repeater technology. The three types of noise interference are spot, sweep and barrage.

Point jamming occurs when a military signal jammer concentrates all its power on one frequency. While this severely reduces the ability to track jammed frequencies, frequency agile radars are hardly affected because jammers can only jam on one frequency. While it is possible for multiple jammers to jam a range of frequencies, this would consume significant resources to have any effect on frequency agile radar, and may still be ineffective.
Sweep jamming is when the full power of the jammer is diverted from one frequency to another. While this has the advantage of being able to jam multiple frequencies in quick succession, it does not affect all frequencies simultaneously, thus limiting the effectiveness of this jamming. Although, depending on the bugcheck in the device, this can render many devices effectively useless.

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Barrage jamming is a single jammer jamming multiple frequencies at the same time. The advantage is that multiple frequencies can be jammed simultaneously; however, the jamming effect may be limited as this requires the jammer to spread its full power between those frequencies, as the number of frequencies covered increases, the more efficiently each frequency is jammed. Low.

Base jamming is a new type of barrage jamming in which one radar is effectively jammed at its source at all frequencies. However, all other radars continued to function normally.
Pulse jamming produces noise pulses whose period depends on the rotational speed of the radar mast, creating blocked sectors from directions other than the jammer, making it harder to spot the jammer's location.
When a radar signal is received, the masking pulse jammer produces a short pulse of noise that hides any aircraft flying behind the electronic warfare vehicle with a piece of noise.

Digital Radio Frequency Memory or DRFM jamming or repeater jamming is a repeater technology that manipulates received radar energy and retransmits it to alter the echo seen by the radar. This technique can change the distance detected by the radar by changing the delay of the pulse transmission, the speed detected by the radar by changing the Doppler frequency shift of the transmitted signal, or by changing the side lobes transmitted to the satellite using AM technology. The angle of the plane. radar. Electronics, radios, and antennas can cause DRFM interference that can lead to false targets, and the signal must be timed after the radar signal is received. By analyzing the received signal strength from the side and back lobes to obtain a radar antenna radiation pattern, false targets can be created in directions other than the interferer. If each radar pulse is uniquely coded, it is impossible to create targets in directions other than the jammer's direction
Deceptive jamming uses techniques such as "range gate pull-off" to break radar locks.

Powerful military jamming system for prisons, escort vehicles, perimeter protection and more.
High-powered cell phone jammers used by federal prison services in all countries to maintain secrecy in places of detention. Such equipment ranges from conducting interrogations, discussing punishment and trial details. This is a necessary and effective device that reliably cuts off suspects from the outside world. For the use of these funds in pretrial detention centers or prisons, the device has high power. Additionally, such jammers can be used for personal purposes, such as perimeter protection or combating drone espionage.


These types of jammers are usually more expensive than portable or table-top jammers, but they can block radio signals over a sizable radius. For commercial purposes, high-power signal jammers are used on military bases to prevent industrial drone espionage, as well as secret organizations or companies whose jobs are directly related to the preservation of classified information. Military jammers can be used in production facilities that develop themselves, implement government programs, or introduce advanced technology. The results of extensive testing have shown high efficiency in preventing vandals, disclosure or unauthorized extraction of confidential information.

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