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Analysis of the role of military jammer technology in information warfare

Admin Posted on 2022-08-26

Electronic countermeasure technology refers to a series of combat technologies related to electronic information systems, which mainly affect the transmission of enemy information through electronic information interference. It can weaken the information transmission speed of the other party to a certain extent. And protect their own electronic systems from being attacked. Electronic countermeasure technology mainly includes electronic attack and protection support technology. The information war mainly relies on these electronic military signal jammer technologies. The scope involved is also relatively wide 1 there are optoelectronic technology, radar technology, geolocation technology and so on. It can accurately perceive the enemy's position and conduct precise attacks.

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Electronic countermeasure technology is the competition of military signal jammer device in the final analysis. The side with advanced technology is more likely to win. The application of electronic countermeasure technology in information warfare is mainly to compete for the initiative of information. And this battlefield is a battlefield without gunpowder. Technology appears to be the most important. Many intelligence gatherings require the help of special electronic processors. Military operations also require electronic technical command. Therefore, the control of the entire battlefield is realized through electronic technology. Among them, electromagnetic waves have important applications, which can transmit information and obtain the enemy's combat intelligence.

Electronic countermeasures technology is also an important channel to collect enemy intelligence. Through electronic countermeasure technology, we can better grasp the enemy's key technology, analyze the enemy's technology, and help us better enemy combat information. However, the electronic warfare technology of the United States developed relatively early, and our country has a large gap with it.

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