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How to prevent hackers from stealing your various accounts and passwords

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

A hacker sets up a spoofed WLAN. The parasitic highlighting of the signal is very strong, which can suppress the coverage of normal radio signals, establish a mobile phone and network conversation between the user's listening level, and then operate the first through your fairing WLAN. In a WiFi network, your personal data is in a state without data protection. This means everything you do on your phone can be viewed.

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How do you secure your network? First, don't connect to unknown wireless networks, online shopping, payments, and other sensitive processes. It is not recommended to use public WiFi. Second, mobile phones, computers, and other electronic products can kill viruses, install security software, and frequently change passwords to ensure security.

Third, using a wifi jammer can effectively prevent automatic access to unknown WIFI, which can prevent your smart device from being attacked. Fourth, the person's confidential information must be kept properly, not in emails, chat tools, and other places where account password information is exposed. Different websites and systems recommend using different accounts or passwords.

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