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Wifi jammer affecting factors on the shielding radius

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

We know that the interference range of WiFi signal jammers in different frequency bands is different. What factors determine their interference strength?

WIFI blocker

The first factor that affects a WiFi jammer is of course the performance of the jammer. The stronger the jammer, the larger its interference radius. The interference radius can only be 5 meters or 1 kilometer. This is because of different performance. The larger the performance of the jammer, the better the effect and the higher the price. The most intuitive performance of a mobile phone jammer is to observe its performance, which acts as a radius of interference.

The second factor is the local signal strength, or you can say the distance from the mobile tower. The closer the telephone signal tower, the stronger the telephone signal, and the more severe the interference effect. If the restaurant is near a signal tower, the wifi jammer may not work because the performance of the mobile tower is usually much greater than the power of the jammer. We also emphasize that if you use a lower power jammer to block higher power devices (for example, B. High Performance Bluetooth Wireless Router.

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