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Why you need a drone jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-13

The micro drone market is becoming more and more popular among citizens, and drones weighing less than 250 grams are expected to usher in the promotional season. This also means that there will be a large number of micro drones for children in the drone market next, and they can be used anytime, anywhere without any restrictions. Even if the risks of micro drones are far less than those of traditionally sized drones, the huge number may still bring considerable hidden dangers. For some important places, the prevention of micro drones must be strengthened again. The low-power drone jammer independently developed by Jammer mart can quickly, actively, and automatically scan micro-UAV targets and alert them at long distances. While receiving the target information, the optoelectronic device quickly locks the target, feeds back the target image and performs identification and tracking. Interfering equipment is linked in real time, and operations such as return and forced landing are performed on the target according to the needs of the situation, so as to ensure the safety of important places such as airports, prisons, and forums.

Use a drone jammer

Using a drone signal jammer is similar to using a cell phone blocker. Drones use GPS to navigate, and they rely on constant information to operate. GPS signal power is very low, just like radio signals.

This means that any high-power blocker can disrupt the signal enough to let the drone take off.

GPS systems are also not encrypted or password protected. This makes drones very vulnerable to signal spoofing or the transmission of false GPS information. This fools the drone, often crashing it because it can't navigate properly.

Signal spoofing can also be dangerous because it allows drones to pass through geofencing protocols, which are how military bases and other groups restrict airspace. With a drone jammer, the device sends jamming radio signals on the same frequency as the drone's GPS tracker.

anti drone gun jammer

Unlike cell phones, GPS gets its signal from multiple places. While the phone receives the signal from the nearest tower, GPS gets at least four signals from the satellites orbiting the earth. Once it has enough signal, it can calculate its position.

Like cell phone jammers, drone blockers can jam the signal. Then it can't calculate its own position, so it doesn't know where it is and can't guide the drone.

Drone jammers also interfere with the signal between the operator and the drone, not just the drone's ability to calculate its location. Either outcome would render the drone inoperable and unable to spy on you and your family.

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