Are there any health risks associated with using jammers?

Hi Guys! The answer to this question is very important for me to know because my health and the health of my family members are of great value to me. So is it risky or not?

Asked at 16:18 am on August 04

Sharvan Jaddu



It is great that you are concerned about your family members and their health. We live in a world that is so overwhelmed by various radio waves and radio signals that it is sometimes difficult to imagine what it would look like if we could see all these waves. But as you already suspected, now all these waves no longer harm people.

You've probably heard of the danger of cell phone radiation? While they won't harm us in a short period of time, if you use your cell phone to keep it near your ear (read: near your head) close to your brain for a few hours, it can cause serious problems. Just think about it.

The same story is with the signal jammer. The radio signals they send out are similar to those generated by mobile communication devices such as cell phones and smartphones. So, when using a jammer, do not hold it close to your body, especially your head, for a long time. If you use it in your pocket, make sure it doesn't work there for too long.

I hope this information would help you to use signal jammers without any health risks and peacefully enjoy the effects they can produce.

Answered at 10:40 am on August 05



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