How can I protect my child from modern problems?

I have a daughter who is getting her license this week and she's a great copywriter! I am very concerned that she will text me while driving. Is there anything I can discreetly put in their car to prevent them from texting while driving? Thank you so much!

Asked at 15:58 am on August 14

Anand Alaer



Congratulations to your daughter! You did the right thing to visit this wiki and ask your question because in our modern world full of electronic devices, the safety of our children is the most important thing we need to worry about. You say your daughter is a real copywriter? No problem! You can take control of this thing;)

First, read three articles from our blog about the easiest way to avoid car accidents, cell phone use while driving is banned, and (most important for you) SMS bans in many states. Maybe even your daughter should read some of them. There you will find a lot of useful information about the use of mobile phones on the go and legal prohibitions for it. Read carefully.

If there's something you want to stick in her car, something small but powerful like this jammer can keep your daughter from texting while driving if she is put in her car. With the reliable jammer device in your vehicle, you can be sure that text messages will not distract your daughter from the road while on the move.

Answered at 11:10 am on August 15



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