How can I avoid getting caught by Cambridge Consultants' small cell phone base tower?

Hi Guys! I recently heard about Cambridge Consultants and their powerful device called the Small Cell Tower. Can i hide from it?

Asked at 19:25 am on August 13

Chandan Mahi



Cambridge Consultants is a well-known electronics company that makes a wide variety of products for different industries. Their impressive devices are used around the world for numerous purposes and with great efficiency. And of course, one of those great products is that little cell phone base tower you ask for.

This pocket-sized base tower looks like an ordinary cell phone but has more powerful features. It can be used as a base tower to enhance the signal of the surrounding cellphones or even create one in the area without stationary base towers. Cool right? However, this system carries a significant risk: it captures the ID of your mobile phone which can be recorded and later used by other systems for tracking purposes.

But no fear! You can prevent this terrible thing from happening. All you have to do is use cell phone jammer as the device uses the same frequencies as a specific cell phone. Your cell phone ID number is completely secure and you don't have to worry!

Answered at 11:45 am on August 14



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