Are there any displays on the jammers?

Hello everybody! Someone might think it's not very important, but I want to know: do signal jammers have any indicators of their work process?

Asked at 19:43 am on August 03




You did the right thing to ask that question! There are no "not important" questions in choosing your future jammer that you would buy and use to solve your problems. Most jammers have them, at least one indicator will show that power to that signal jammer is on and now working. But there is more.

Signal jammers like this one have two LED displays that show the work and charging process separately. There are other types of indicators like this one has this signal jammer. These LED lights are on the top of the jammer and are separated according to the jammed ribbons that are now working, and therefore their LED indicator will also light up.

Therefore, when choosing your signal jammer, pay close attention to which indicators you need.

Answered at 10:30 am on August 05



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