What is the military use of signal jammers?

Hello everyone! I've heard a lot about different signal jammers so it is interesting for me to know what the purpose of these particular military signal jammers is in this day and age.

Asked at 11:18 am on August 10

Jarstin Zake



Nice question you asked! Signal jammers were originally developed for military use and therefore have many different devices in this area of ​​human activity. The main purpose of the jammers is to prevent enemy signals from being transmitted for communication purposes, or to prevent IED explosives from being detonated remotely to save the lives of soldiers.

There are many other uses for signal jammer invented by the world's armed forces, such as: B. Korean super-powerful military jammers or high-performance field jammers kits. However, their use is restricted to ordinary people and only authorized persons are permitted. However, there is a military jammer for civilian use that you can use if necessary.

I hope this information would be useful and informative to you and after that it would make using signal jammers even more interesting and effective!

Answered at 11:40 am on August 11



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