Can I avoid being discovered by friends nearby?

Hello everyone! Many people may like this new Facebook feature, but I personally don't want strangers to discover my location or existence in certain places. Can I stop it somehow?

Asked at 16:55 am on August 14

Raghwendra James



Finding a new feature (or just FFN) on Facebook is a new feature of Facebook that allows anyone within a radius around you to connect with others (although the width of that radius is unknown). When you are on a "Find Friends Nearby" page, you can see other people within a certain radius around you and invite them to join you or your other applications, which can be scary.

As long as "Find Friends Nearby" uses GPS satellites to find nearby people and let them know that you are nearby, you don't know what privacy settings are available in this app. There may be no data protection settings at all, you leave it to Facebook's settings. However, you can block nearby "finding friends" and ensure that your location does not appear where you want to be invisible, and you can reliably protect your privacy in any face-to-face meeting.

In addition, GPS jammer is also a very effective method.

Answered at 11:25 am on August 15



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