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Scrambler GSM frequenct high power

In the era of smart phone flooding, students have become commonplace in carrying mobile phones. Although it is convenient for parents to communicate with students under certain circumstances, the school as a learning occasion not only affects students' learning, but also affects classroom discipline. So many schools install GSM jammers to prevent students from playing mobile phones in class, so how do schools choose gsm signal blocker devices?

For major but temporary use such as college entrance examinations and postgraduate exams, portable GSM scramblers can be installed for convenience and flexibility for only a few days. As long as the test is started, take the shield to the test center and plug it in. To use the mobile phone shield in the classroom for a long time, you need to fix the shield in the classroom. You can choose to use some high-power mobile phone jammers. The shielding range is wide, the interference frequency band is large, and the 3G 4G signal and WiFi can be interfered at the same time. Frequency band.

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