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The signal frequency bands interfered by different GSM jammers have different coverage distances. Some handheld 5G jammers can not only scramble the GSM 3G 4G signals we are using, but also disrupt the 5G signals being tested. It is powerful and has many 3Gs. The band that the 4G jammer cannot intercept.

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By the annual test season, the parties began to prepare for the pre-examination work intensively. The invigilator has made some surprises in order to prevent high-tech cheating. Among them, the special mobile phone shield is one of the tricks. There are many types of GSM signal scramblers. Before using the disruptors, the user should clearly define his or her own needs to avoid the accident of poor screening and the correctness of the method.

First of all, to clearly identify the use of the site, most of the school's test-type GSM 3G 4G jammers are suitable for long-term work and durability. Second, how big is the area we are shielding? For example, it is a one-hundred square room or a thousand square meters of meeting place. If the area is large, the power should be selected. If the area is small, the shielding power can be adjusted. Then there are which frequency bands need to be shielded, are all shielded? Still only need to shield some of the frequency bands.

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