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Disruptor device for GSM frequency

The GSM frequency scramblers device can shield the 2G 3G 4G mobile phone signal and WIFI signal of all our mobile phones. The best GSM jammers interferes with the frequency of the mobile phone receiving base station and the wireless router through the frequency emitted by itself, thereby achieving the purpose of shielding them. . The most common mobile interference devices on the market today are mainly GSM frequency signal jammers, which block all bands of mobile phones.

Some people say that after the mobile phone's network operator automatically selects this column to be closed, the mobile phone will not be blocked. In fact, this is not correct, because the mobile phone scramble is shielded against all mobile phone frequencies below all operators, so no matter How to switch is blocked, and you can't avoid being blocked by what software you buy.

The only way is to use a cell phone signal tower on the spot, because the cell phone signal tower is to enhance the cell phone signal, and the muting device is to shield the cell phone signal. When the cell phone tower is too close, the power of the muting device cannot be Confronted, most mobile phones cannot be blocked at this time.