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Satellite jamming equipment

GPS jammers are essential equipment for people who walk on the road for a long time. They need to drive their cars for a long time. Their location information is very important. In order to pose a threat to unnecessary tracking, they usually buy GPS jammers that can interfere with GPS signals and turn them on when they need it.

1. GPS jammer is like a box

As you can see, the GPS jammer is designed for the shape of the box without an external antenna, similar to the shape of a mobile phone, and slightly larger than a mobile phone. But this does not affect its portability. The miniGPS jammer with built-in battery can be put into your pocket and easily hidden in many special functions. It is one of the popular GPS jammers. In our shop, we have equipped you with chargers and car chargers, which are convenient for you to use and save you the interference of power saving.

2. An antenna handheld GPS L1 signal jammer

This handheld GPS jammer can interfere with GPS L1 signals, with a maximum range of up to 15 meters, and your environment may affect the interference range. It also uses a portable design, which is very convenient to carry and hide. It can work for a long time without affecting the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices. Only when it is working, it interferes with GPS signals. Of course, the GPS function of your mobile phone cannot Normal use. Similarly, we have allocated an adapter and a car charger for you, and its unique features have become a popular product in the GPS jammer market.

3. 4-band handheld gsm 4g gps signal jammer
This can not only interfere with GPS signals, but also GSM. 4g signal shielding handheld jammers are more popular. Both its characteristics and the increase in the number of interference spectrums are now market advantages, attracting more people who need signal interference. Device. In addition, it has a good heat dissipation effect and can provide you with long-term work. The most important thing is that the price is more advantageous, and it can interfere with mobile phone signals and GPS signals, which can better meet people's needs.