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GPS disruptor:The duality of GPS positioning system

The global positioning navigation system is called the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is a radio navigation and positioning system based on 24 global positioning satellites, which can provide 3D position, 3D speed and other information on a global scale. All-weather, high-precision and automatic measurement play an important role in modern scientific and technological progress and economic development. As advanced means and new productive forces, it has been fully integrated into the important application fields of national economic construction, national defense construction and social development.

Yes, GPS is not unfamiliar to us, and we even use it every day, because mobile phones have GPS positioning function, coupled with the popular GPS function of mobile phones, our lives have changed a lot. For example, most of our mobile applications need to obtain our location and publish local hot news. GPS plays an important role in the age of scientific information. It allows us to walk freely in unfamiliar places so that we can understand our location in real time.

There are two aspects to everything. The application of GPS in various fields is excellent for some organizations, but it may also involve some people's safety issues. GPS tracker is an excellent tool for the police, but it is used by illegal elements and may pose a threat to our safety. Worried about being tracked by GPS tracking devices, you should buy a portable GPS jammer to turn it on when needed to protect your safety.

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