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Lead blocking gps signal scrambler

Over the years, the amount of deliberate interference from GNSS signals has been increasing. GPS jammers are popular among criminals and are often used to steal high-end vehicles. In the absence of security, GNSS commercial signals are particularly susceptible to interference, and are still used very frequently in today's traffic fields (air, sea and road). If certain governments are concerned about the impact of such attacks on their transportation infrastructure, other governments have become victims of such attacks. The South Korean government reported on North Korea’s major sabotage in March 2016. It is believed that in several periods, approximately 1,000 civilian aircraft and 700 ships were affected by the destructive exercise.

Recently, in the 2017 ZAPAD exercise jointly conducted by Russia and Belarus, the Norwegian Military Intelligence Agency confirmed that GPS jammer equipment has been used in the area. These incidents were observed by commercial pilots on September 7, 2017, who flew to the border during the exercise. Once the altitude reaches 2,000 to 3,000 feet, the aircraft’s GPS will be turned off. As early as August 30, 2017 (still in the current fiscal year), Latvia recorded a severe breakdown of its mobile network in the entire western part of the country along the Baltic Sea. In recent years, countless such incidents have also been reported in Ukraine and Syria.