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Electronic gsm disruptor

Possess and use electrical equipment (GSM jammer) to prevent radio communications. In view of the protection objectives of the Federal Radio Systems and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (FTEG) Act of the Official Gazette II 134/2001 and the 2006 Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations, the Official Gazette II on May 29, 2006 cannot be complied with, The use of jammers is prohibited. Likewise, the use of these devices is prohibited.

Many radio systems are two-way communication, if there is no communication with the individual detectors, the center will become the center, which may cause interference/damage, and will also be in the alarm center (​​call center) emergency). Of course, GSM/GPRS should only be the second communication method. This means that the control center must be wired for communication (for example, TCP/IP via cable/ADSL telephone line).

Radio communication is easily interrupted. If it is a wireless alarm system, connect the two-way alarm to the keyboard, and GSM/GPRS is only an auxiliary means. The super safe side is of course the wired alarm system.