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The FCC has just issued a special temporary authorization (PDF) to allow the DC Correction Department to test gsm jammer technology. This technology sounds like an excellent solution to a serious problem: prisoners across the country illegally use mobile phones in correctional facilities. In particular, the technology seems to be "directional", which means that unlike traditional jammers, traditional jammers only block signals within a certain radius around the GSM signal killer jammer, while the technology seems to be able to block certain rooms or buildings signal of. In fact, I’m pretty sure that thousands of Americans would like to see this technology be used in movie theaters, theaters and other performing arts venues across the country.

In the four churches in Monterrey, Israeli-made cell phone jammers (the size of paperback) are unabashedly hidden in Madonna's paintings and statues of saints. From religious shelters to the Indian parliament, to Tokyo theaters and commuter trains, more and more mobile phone ringtones are being destroyed by the shocking multi-color noise. This device was originally designed to help security forces avoid eavesdropping and prevent bombs triggered by calls And developed. After politicians ignored requests to turn off their phones, the Indian Parliament was disrupted. Legislative meetings are often interrupted. In Italy, universities started using blocking agents after they discovered that teenagers who are proficient in mobile phones cheated the exam by sending text messages or taking test pictures.

The use of mobile phones is so common that some people may influence others or use them for improper purposes. But in any case, there are always pros and cons to interfering devices. This is why interfering devices are getting more and more attention, and more and more people need it.

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