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GSM/CDMA signal scrambler

In movie theaters, queuing in DMV, library aisles, and even in shops, when you are forced to listen to other people's conversations, all of us should have experienced this helpless moment. All we can think of at this time is how good it would be if we could block cell phone signal reception within a radius of 10 feet from us. How glorious would it be? Now such a product is no longer a dream, you can easily buy it.

The gsm jammer usually supports interference in multiple frequency bands, and can be used to prevent GSM, CDMA, 3G/4G and other common mobile standards from playing a role in its operating range. Using some of these units, you can select the frequency range to be blocked, and only those frequencies can be selectively blocked.

Are used in these places
Prevent calling in conference rooms, attend training courses, etc.
Prevent mobile phone communication (and 3G and other data networks) in manufacturing workshops, design rooms, research facilities, etc. to prevent data theft.
GSM/CDMA signal scrambler can be used in prisons, universities (especially during exams), shops, supermarkets, gas stations, movies, theaters and other places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited.

Using this jammer, you can quickly block GSM, 3G and other cell phone signals to ensure that they will not be interfered.

This prevents students from sending text messages in class. Can prevent students from cheating in the exam room.

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