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gsm network scrambler: avoid interruption at special times

A signal jamming device is a universal tool used to avoid transmitting cellular network signals to mobile phones, thereby interfering with all phones. When we encounter impolite use of mobile phones, such as temples, libraries and theaters and other social places use the phone to talk loudly, in those places there is a need for mobile phones to interfere with equipment. Cell phones, like those two-way radio stations, can also block the signal entering the cell phone. And these can be done using gsm jammer.

Many students actively participate in cheating by texting, calling and taking photos. Even cyberbullying through mobile phones is very common, and many states have legislated school districts to implement anti-bullying campaigns. When students are in class, they will not be distracted by receiving text messages or phone calls. We should also study the impact on student education. If there is a mobile phone jammer installed in the classroom. Then they will focus more on their own learning and even avoid external interference.

Due to the poor self-control ability of students, schools are the main places where GSM/CDMA network scramblers are used. At the same time, libraries, cafes, theaters and other places are also in great need of such equipment. All these places need a quiet environment.

At present, China, Russia and Italy have begun to use jamming devices in schools to ensure the quality of students' learning. Movie theaters in some European countries have also introduced jamming devices to prevent viewers from being disturbed while watching. The French Ministry of Education is planning to use cell phone jammers on campuses.

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