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Avoid video surveillance with GSM blocker

Admin Posted on 2020-01-02

I use mobile phones such as smartphones and iPhones in my daily life and your privacy may be violated. An important advantage of the GSM jammers is that it is inconspicuous and can be carried everywhere. You can block wireless Internet and Bluetooth signals, disable wireless video transmission, protect your privacy and avoid video surveillance.

The jammer is cheap, easy to carry and can be charged. We also sell premium portable jammers that make all phones in the country unusable, and you can hide them in your schoolbag and use them. Suitable for meeting rooms, restaurants, etc., or when you want to prevent others from using your phone during a call, intercept GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS and 3G 4G WIFI network signals.

The gsm signal jammer is considered to be an affordable, high-quality device that can work more efficiently. It prevents students from cheating during exams and prevents class interruptions due to cell phone calls and ringing. A simple gsm mobile phone jammer can stop a student's mobile phone without the need for a very large and rugged high-power mobile phone stopper. The effective radius of the jammer is affected by the local signal strength.

People use signal jammer solve mobile phone noise trouble
Signal blocker maintains safety and keeps quiet