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Signal blocker maintains safety and keeps quiet

Admin Posted on 2020-01-02

Different signal jammers have different frequencies and different purposes, and some devices can guarantee the security of your data. A multifunctional device, also known as a portable jammer, which interferes with the operation of communication equipment. The product has no radiation in the same operating frequency range. Equipped with a very powerful antenna. A device that prohibits the use of devices such as cell phones in places where jammers are installed. Designed to protect yourself. Can support long-term continuous work.

Turning off all signals in the GSM, DCS, PHS, 3G bands, and disabling the phone without affecting other electronic devices, a portable jammer will definitely help a lot. Compared with other types of mobile phone jammers, portable phone jammers can be easily carried anywhere.

When the jammer is activated, it will turn off all signals.signal jammer are used in quiet places such as movie theaters and libraries. Other companies also want to use jammers, which can help people in buildings and facilities stay safe, disrupt bus driver communications, and also be used in prisons and the military.

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