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GPS jammers block satellite navigation in electronic warfare

Admin Posted on 2020-03-02

"We are measuring signals at known or discovered geographic locations," said John Carlson, technical director of Echo Ridge. "Because we are able to measure these signals accurately, we can accurately estimate the location, not over time or distance traveled. Increased error. "Echo Ridge and AFRL detector managers recently conducted field testing of prototype equipment in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

The military says that while GPS has revolutionized the war by providing unparalleled positioning and navigation capabilities, many military platforms have overly relied on it to make GPS signals the enemy's main target. air. "The use of gps jammer disrupts Allied operations and protects them from attacks by precision aircraft launched by aircraft," said Joseph Colliano, a spokesman for the Small Business Innovation and Transfer Research Program. Small Business Technology. Office of Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. "These jammers rejected GPS signals from our Army in the area, which made navigation difficult."

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After initial success in field testing, Echo Ridge will work to improve the usability of the technology and address robustness issues in preparation for wider field use. Funding from the AFRL Rapid Innovation Center, the Direct-to-Phase II of the SBIR / STTR program, was developed by Echo Ridge to develop laboratory concepts in prototypes and follow-up products. However, it is very difficult to eliminate the threat of GPS. GPS technology is also constantly updated, and it is very difficult to completely eliminate GPS interference.

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