t Vatican decides to under the floor install signal jammer
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Vatican meeting room installs signal jammer to prevent information leakage

Admin Posted on 2020-03-02

VATICAN CITY (Reuters)-For centuries, the Roman Catholic Church has relied on the walls of the Sistine Chapel to continue to elect new secret popes. But in the face of Cardinal tweets and a year of massive leaks, the Vatican must now turn to the electronic arsenal. When the red-haired prince met in Rome to elect Pope Benedict's successor, safety came first, so a series of signals blocker device from being put into use.

GPS jammers are also very popular in Italy, but in the 21st century, building cars behind closed doors is no longer enough. Workers prepare to vote secretly at the Sistine Chapel, which is planning to conduct a secret vote next week by laying a false floor on its ornate tiles and installing signal jammer to prevent from the 15th century All signals leaked from the church scene were by Michelangelo.

Before voting, Vatican officials will use insect-proof scanners to scan churches and cardinals' hotels to detect hidden microphones. Last year, the Vatican police used multiple phones in the city to investigate whether fellow initiates helped housekeeper Paolo Gabriele release documents to an Italian journalist in early 2012.

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