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Signal jamming equipment is valued in prisons

Admin Posted on 2020-03-02

In today's highly developed communication tools, there are many signal propagation tools, and signal jammers are the best tools to prevent signal transmission. Mr. Wang explained that although they strictly adhere to the company's regulations, in some cases they cannot control or prevent, for example, prohibiting the bringing of mobile phones into the conference room. The signal jammer is the best device to handle this situation.

In addition to this method, tourists are also smuggled into prisons by hiding their phones in private parts of their bodies if prisoners and prison officials conspire to bring their phones in exchange for money. Mr. Wang cited a case in which a prison guard in Talisay city prison was allegedly transferred to Bohol province after dealing with a prisoner. It was reported last week that a visitor was arrested after sneaking into two mobile phones inside the prison. Also last week, prison guards confiscated a cell phone found in a residential area of ​​detainees, and the installation of signal jamming equipment could prevent these

Logistics companies and other companies often install GPS tracker jammers to track vehicle movements. They can also be used to track vehicles carrying heavy loads. In mobile and power networks, GPS satellite signals are sometimes used as a source of accurate synchronization information. GPS is even used to provide accurate time information for certain computerized financial market transactions. Other GPS navigation equipment used by ships and light aircraft may also be affected by interference. In 2009, Newark Airport in the United States found that some of its GPS systems were repeatedly interfered with. The problem was eventually traced to truck drivers using GPS jammers.

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