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Utilizing drone jammers to defend drones

Admin Posted on 2019-10-31

Nowadays, the drone market is expanding, the use of drones is becoming more and more common, from the initial military detection, to today's civilian use, even as a recreational tool for teenagers, drones occupy a large part of the market share, however this It is also a thorn to us.

UAV jammers: UAV defenses are becoming more and more popular, and this is what many people care about their privacy. After all, no one wants to lie down in their own garden, the aerial drone is taking privacy shots, which is “sneak shot”. Although the Security Bureau has issued a ban, there are always some people who ignore the regulations, which violates the privacy of private property.

In this case, many people will take reliable drone defenses against privacy leaks, such as special drone jamming devices. In Germany, there is no clear anti-UAV law, but if the accused pilot uses a drone to pass private property, he will be judged whether or not he has a camera.

Drones flying over violates the right to personality. Although drone pilots can use drones for hobbies, when drones fly over other people's territories, even if they do not interfere with the privacy of others, the freedom of movement of drones remains. Restricted, this is premised on protecting the privacy of others.

When a drone flies over your property and harasses you, such as taking a photo, even if you don't want to, you can't know who is manipulating the drone, even if you think it's just someone else joking with you. If you don't want to face this risk, you can use the interference drone, which is currently the most effective way to control drones from privacy.

Using drone jammers, you can effectively protect yourself from spying from drones or multi-rotor aircraft. So can you use a drone to interfere with a gun to shoot down a drone? This will be a very effective way to defend against drones. In the EU countries, there is no clear law that allows other drones to fly over your private property or garden without permission. This seriously violates the private property of the individual.

The development of jammer technology is as fast as the development of drones. When the jammers are running, in most cases, the equipment will fly back to the pilot, or hover in the air, or even land, without destroying the drone.

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