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The key to modern electronic warfare - military gps jammers

Admin Posted on 2022-08-29

In modern warfare, electronic signals are a very important part. Signal stability is critical to combat. Therefore, countries will try to interfere with the signals of other countries while studying how to protect the stability of their own signals. This is why GPS jamming devices are becoming more mainstream in future warfare. North Korea has developed a powerful military gps jammer that can disrupt GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite signals over a range of more than 100 kilometers, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported. News of the GPS-jamming device was included in a report submitted to South Korea's parliamentary defense committee this week, the news agency reported. The South Korean capital is about 50 kilometers from the border, so a jammer with such a range could scramble or wipe out GPS signals in Seoul and surrounding areas. Cities and areas to the border are filled with military installations and equipment, many of which utilize GPS satellite positioning signals.

military gps jammer

Application of GPS Jammer in Future War

The U.S. Navy has entered the final stages of the Next Generation Jammer (NGJ) pod that will replace the ALQ-99 that has been in use since the Vietnam War. The new electronic attack pod matches Raytheon's advanced electronic attack technology, which combines high-power, flexible, beam-jamming technology with cutting-edge solid-state electronics. The AN/ALQ-99 tactical jamming system is currently integrated on EA-18G GROWLER and EA-6B Prowler aircraft operated by the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Both aircraft are currently in service, but only the F/A-18G is expected to enter service after the mid-2020s. Therefore, new pods are developed exclusively for Growler. In terms of isotropic radiated power, the next-generation GPS jammer is "about 10 times the power we typically put out in the ALQ-99," he said. As for capacity, "the pitch, it can handle four times the number of tasks" and the ability to switch quickly from "target to target to target" almost instantaneously. The next war will be fought in the electromagnetic spectrum,” Navy Air Warfare Secretary Michael Manazir told members of Congress in April, while providing an update on the status of next-generation military signal jammer. High equivalent isotropic radiated power, increased number of distributions, digital-based waveform modulation, coherent countermeasures, wideband spectrum, clear spectral output, and open architecture respond to these factors.

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