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Wireless signal jammer helps you solve the problem of shielding equipment management

Admin Posted on 2022-08-25

Shielded device management is too complicated? Wireless signal shielding system to help you solve the problem

Wireless wifi frequency jammer become critical in exam rooms and other environments where signal security is required. In an environment with more and more shielded devices, the problem that devices cannot be effectively centralized and controlled has led to a large number of usage problems. The core problem caused by the inability of centralized management and control of signal jammer ① The switch of each equipment means a manpower use. Fifty rooms need to be opened and closed at the same time, which requires fifty people to operate together. ②The traditional wifi signal jammer has no real-time monitoring design. Users cannot know in real time whether each device is running normally, and there is no real-time display alarm when there is a problem.

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We thought about how to solve these problems correctly and perfectly for everyone, and finally developed a wireless signal shielding system that can be networked and widely used. The wireless signal jammer system is a solution to solve the problem of centralized management of shielding equipment.

In the examination room, a wireless wifi bluetooth jammer is deployed in each classroom, which can seamlessly shield signals in the frequency range of 20MHz-6000MHz in the examination room. It can also block mobile phones of the latest 5G and other standards. The wireless signal shielding system adopts the indoor cellular distribution method to form a network with the jammers in other classrooms for shielding. The wifi jammer device is installed near the doors and windows of each examination room to ensure that the signal in the examination room can be effectively shielded and can completely cover the seating area of ​​the candidates.

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