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High-end GPS jammer shields mobile phones and GPS bands

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

The tracking industry has been in development, so complex trackers have emerged, and advanced location finding techniques have been used. As a result of this development, new types of tracking equipment have appeared. They are called A-GPS tracking devices because they use assisted GPS tracking technology. This technology is a combination of the aforementioned mobile phones and our satellite tracking technology for tower triangulation. This means using a single gps jammer. If you are to no avail in this situation, you must also use a powerful jammer to stop unauthorized persecution. This is a GPS signal interference device that can shield mobile phone signals. Each jammer can suppress both the phone and GPS frequencies, so you don't need to buy two different devices for this.

The most convenient GPS signal jamming device is a handheld jammer. Anyone can open the 8341 handheld jammer and put it in his pocket. Such a person will be fully supported by all GPS-based spy devices for a long time . In addition to all useful features, the 8341 Handheld Jammer also has a unique built-in cooling system and can work directly on the power supply like a regular desktop jammer.

desktop signal blocker

This means that the 8341 handheld jammer can be connected to the car's power source and can protect the car from GPS tracking equipment without overheating for hours. According to customers who have already used these jammers, the 8341 Handheld GPS Jammer is ideal for personal use as well as use in cars, offices, homes, etc. However, the most important and useful advantage of this car gps jammer is the development of a specially designed antenna that provides extremely strong interference. These antennas are made of strong rubber, which protects them from harmful injuries. By the way, the Jammer Store also offers phone jammers with similar functions.

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