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How to protect your dacha from drones?

Admin Posted on 2020-08-05

It's easy to buy a drone today. Anyone can buy them, as a result of which a person, comfortably sitting in his room, does not suspect that he can be watched at this time. In this regard, it will be useful to learn about the advantages of using them and, importantly, about the threats they pose.

Their positive aspects

First of all, with their help, you can take pictures where it is almost impossible to get to yourself (on the top of a mountain, on the top floor of a construction site, in secret corners of caves, etc.). Yes, some objects can be filmed while in a helicopter, but drones provide a number of advantages, including:

shooting is clearer and more detailed (they fly much closer);
the cost of a drone and helicopter rental are incomparable;
in most cases, it provides discreet shooting.
Today, both professional (cost several hundred thousand rubles) and semi-professional drones (1-2 thousand dollars) are offered, which can stay in the air for up to half an hour and provide a fairly high quality video. There are also very inexpensive samples (from 3 to 10 thousand rubles). Yes, the video quality is lower and they stay in the air for just a couple of minutes, but often this is enough to see what is happening in the neighboring area.

The threats they pose

These include:

the proliferation of biological weapons;
the possibility of injury to humans and animals.
But the most important thing is illegal invasion of personal space, which is not always possible to effectively fight.

Methods of dealing with them

Some of them are quite real, while others are more theoretical. Among the main methods that are discussed in society are:

Shoot down a drone with a shotgun. It is hardly worth considering this option, although the inviolability of personal territory has not yet been canceled.
Banning drones from flying in certain areas. For the most part, this is justified in the case of special-purpose objects, places of significant gathering of people, etc., but a personal dacha can hardly be attributed to such areas.
Buying can make the drone jammer so that the drone cannot take off within a certain radius. It is not cheap (a few thousand dollars), but can be considered as an option.

drone signal blocker
The device with which the radio frequency will be jammed (jammer). Today they are widely offered for sale, suppress radio frequencies within a radius of about 300 meters and are effective in countering drones.
Anti-drone system. Its radius of action is from 5 to 10 km.
Specially trained eagles. As exotic as it is, so expensive (the bird itself is not cheap, and you also need a person who knows how to handle it).
The drone catcher actively used by the Japanese police, does not damage the functionality of the latter.

GSM jammers as a means of teaching compliance

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