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How to solve private cell phone use in prison

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

In prison, the judiciary poses a huge problem for smuggling because the number of undisclosed and undetected mobile devices is very high. "The abuse of mobile phones in prisons is a safety hazard because there is no way to control the prisoner's connection to the outside world," said Stolp. For example, prisoners can use the phone to influence witnesses in court proceedings, make escape plans with people outside the agency, or organize drugs Transactions, etc.

Investigations show that British prisons face a crisis caused by thousands of smuggled mobile phones. From the evolving criminal empire outside the prison wall to intimidating and ordering drugs in them, they all have various drawbacks. Now prison officials are calling for a tougher approach to this "cancer", including artificial interference to stop calls, and have been falling behind repeatedly after banquets and drug parties and recording bare ankles. GSM jammers are installed in prisons.

Hidden in a fish tank, thrown on the wall at night or smuggled by a lawyer-mobile phones are increasingly being illegally taken to five correctional institutions (JVA) in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In 2014, 408 mobile phones were seized during the period of control. In the first half of this year, there were 158 mobile devices. Five years ago, the Baden-Wurttemberg prison in Offenburg was the first German prison to have a GSM jammer. To avoid interference with cell phones outside the correctional facility, 700 mini signal jammers were installed throughout the hotel. The cost is about one million euros.

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