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GSM jammer in IG (Prison) has been repaired

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

IG (Prison): Suman Gupta discovered several misconducts in Gamshedpur Ghaghidih Central Prison during a surprise inspection. Gupta, who visited the Central Prison for the first time, spent more than two hours figuring out the situation, including the visitors, and interacted directly with the prisoners there. IG Prison is concerned that GSM jammers installed in the central prison, despite recent repairs, are still not working. In addition, searches by regional police officers were incorrect.

Gupta expressed satisfaction that more than 30 CCTV cameras are working. She said she gave some instructions to ensure that CCTV cameras would not be damaged by anyone because they were the third eye in the prison area. Sources said IG also interacted with prisoners to understand their problems. It is worth noting that Gagadia Central Prison has more than 1,450 prisoners, including underage prisoners.

The Ministry of the Interior investigated the prison in June 2009 and then suggested repairing powerful gsm blocker in the prison. Sources continue to inform that the prison situation has received the attention of the administration and plans to remain vigilant and deploy more security forces. The surveillance camera uses WiFi signals, so WiFi jammers can generally interfere with almost all spy cameras.

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