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India: gsm jammers, fingerprint scanner prevents AIPMT fraud

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

The use of metal detectors and GSM jammers (used with government permission) in India will check the use of audiovisual equipment; the use of fingerprint scanners will prevent fraudulent candidates from entering medical schools. The CBSE requires the resumption of testing of all 1,065 centers for metal and error detectors, and even repairs a couple of interfering signals. It also introduces controversial dress code, prohibiting all operations from headscarves to belt boots to prevent some people Some high-tech tools for cheating on exams.

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Now speaking of ethics, although shorter than the "value education" of CBSE schools, for one exam, all states except Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Chamu and Kashmir have undergraduate medicine or dentistry The college exam rate should reach 15%. "You can deceive others, but your conscience can never, your God," said Hippocrates's contemporary Sophie Kruss. His oath is maintained in accordance with the moral standards of medical graduates, and of course there are some Mandatory measures, such as installing a large number of gsm jammer cheap price at the test site to block cell phone signals.

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