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How to properly maintain the wifi signal jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-01

The wifi signal jammer plays a certain role in shielding the signal from interference. It can automatically identify the frequency of the signal during use, and play the role of shielding the signal. Prevent some signal errors. We must strengthen its maintenance after using it for a period of time. in order to prolong its life. So how should we properly maintain it?

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1.When cleaning the signal blocker, pay attention to keep it away from water

When cleaning, do not touch water, otherwise it may cause excess liquid to flow into the jammer, which may come into contact with the internal hardware of the instrument. Some chemical cleaning products have the potential to corrode and damage the protective layer on the panel and should also be chosen carefully. Avoid cleaning products that contain ammonia or alcohol.

2. Use suitable cleaning tools

Dust and dirt particles can be removed by wiping the signal blocker with a dry microfiber cloth. There are not too many requirements in the direction of wiping. It can be wiped vertically up and down, or left and right. A high-quality finely woven microfiber cloth is also available. If you find that stains are still left, it is recommended to moisten the cloth with water and wring it out until it is almost dry, then with a little pressure, work from the top to the bottom of the jammer to wipe the stains. For stubborn spots, also consider spraying a small amount of an ammonia- and alcohol-free cleaning product on a microfiber cloth and wiping down the wifi signal blocker. You can also dampen a microfiber cloth with a solution of water and vinegar, still tightening the cloth to make sure no liquid drips from the cloth, then gently wipe away the stain.

The signal jammer must be cleaned in time during maintenance, choose a suitable cleaning agent, and do not use water, otherwise it will cause a short circuit. Be sure to turn off the switch when not in use, otherwise many signals will be mistakenly shielded. Do save. Convenient for next use

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