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Is it effective to install a low-power wifi jammer outdoors?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-23

The wifi jammer can be roughly divided into three grades according to the power. The first grade is the low-power type, which means that the transmit power of each shielding module is below 2-3W. The second gear is the medium power type, which means that the transmit power of the shielding module is 10-20W. The third gear is the high-power type, which means that the transmit power of the shielding module reaches 50W or even 100W. Different application environments can correspond to mobile phone signal jammers of different power levels. Then some customers asked, is it effective to install low-power wifi jammers outdoors?

Under normal circumstances, high-power wifi jammers are used for outdoor open areas and large-scale open areas, while low-power ones are used in indoor environments. If you choose the other way around and install the low-power type outdoors, this situation is very rare, and it can only be done in very special circumstances. In most cases, when the low-power wifi signal jammer is installed outdoors, its effective shielding range is only 2-5 meters. After all, its transmit power is relatively low. If it only shields such a small distance, it will definitely not be recognized by customers.

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We all know that the actual shielding range of the wifi frequency jammer is closely related to the strength of the mobile phone signal on site. The stronger the mobile phone signal, the shorter the effective shielding distance will be. The mobile phone signal strength in the outdoor environment is generally at least 10dB higher than that in the indoor environment. This is why some low-power wifi jammer device can effectively shield a distance of more than 10 meters when used indoors, but when they are tested outdoors, they will find that the shielding distance will be severely shortened.

When installed and used outdoors, the shielding distance is only 2-3 meters. If large-scale coverage is required, it must be densely installed by means of cellular networking, which is obviously inappropriate. First, it is necessary to purchase a large number of mobile phone signal jammers, and second, it will bring great trouble to the power supply and installation of the equipment.

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