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GSM jammers installed in examination room to prevent cheating

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

Candidates who take this Haryt Teacher Test (Htet) from November 14th to 15th cannot use all the high-tech cheating methods in the exam, because the authorities have decided to take a variety of simple measures, including installing GSM jammers in the test room Device.

Increasing use of electronic devices in written tests has alerted the city government to the possibility of government incompetent candidates. The AAP government has decided to prevent candidates from using high-tech electronic equipment for fraud in order to take examinations for Delhi government jobs. The Supreme Court ruled the center in May-installing gsm jamming at the test center to prevent paper leaks and other bad behavior. The guidelines were developed after suspected fraud in the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT).

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To eliminate the chance of high-tech fraud in a written test, the HP Civil Service Commission established a gsm signal blocker in the test hall to test its accuracy and efficiency. As a result, a proposal will quickly disrupt the Himalayan Himalayas government as the proposal does not provide a sufficient budget for mobile phones to allow high-tech fraudulent products to be purchased during each test and in each test hall and center And avoid sending screening tests to ensure the exam process is smooth and fair.

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