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Drone Jammer Application

Admin Posted on 2022-09-17

The use of drone jammer has strong interference to illegally intruded drones, and can also meet the needs of forced landing or return. There are many requirements for the type of UAV countermeasure equipment system. When choosing a drone signal jammer system, the type must be determined. When a good type is selected, a test is required to test whether the drone anti jammer system is suitable for unmanned aerial vehicles. The machine can play a better function of interference or signal cut-off.

The drone gun jammer system can use drone disruptor for defense. The system uses low-altitude radar, optoelectronic equipment, and electromagnetic interference equipment to form a three-dimensional hardware security deployment. Real-time monitoring, analysis, pre-alarming and flexible handling of suspicious aircraft targets that illegally enter sensitive areas to prevent the occurrence of major vicious accidents and ensure the safety and stability of airspace in key areas such as controlled airports, military bases, prisons, troops, government agencies, and nuclear power plants.
Drone jammer device refers to driving away aerial photography drones in a certain area, prohibiting illegal entry and shooting, or performing operations such as poisoning and illegal transportation.

So where are drone jammers generally used and what are they used for?

1. Customs and border areas prevent the use of drones for illegal transportation or terrorist attacks.

2. School exams prohibit the use of drones to illegally shoot test papers to leak secrets, etc...

3. Performance venues and places where dignitaries travel to prevent the use of aerial photography drones to create panic, illegal filming, affecting normal order, etc...

4. Prison detention centers, etc. prevent the use of drones to illegally transport things, illegally steal and transmit information, etc...

5. Military management areas, troops, and other places use drones to illegally shoot and leak military secrets

anti drone gun jammer

6. Some people in farms, livestock farms, and other places use aerial photography drones to poison animals, etc...

7. UAVs are used to illegally shoot at football stadiums and important event sites to steal business secrets.

8. Air control areas, military restricted areas, etc. prohibit drones from entering illegally to shoot and leak secrets, etc.

9. Industrial plants and confidential places prohibit drones from intruding into normal operations or revealing commercial secrets, etc...

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