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Drone jammer makes GPS systems inaccurate

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

Merrill explained the pilot's situation when military exercises required ourdrone jammers. "You can still use GPS, but you must know it may not be accurate," he said. These exercises train pilots to understand exactly this and how to navigate without GPS. For the military, this is routine and routine. Although all pilots train for this, it doesn't mean they like it.

In the 2019 AOPA survey, more than 64% of the 1,200 pilots expressed concerns about their GPS failure. "In the event that the aircraft loses the GPS signal, it may lose its ability to navigate independently, and in some cases it may continue to fly in areas where it should not be restricted," said the company's senior director Rune Duke, the government of AOPA Business.

As a result, commercial pilots became aware of the exercise and each of the major airlines we spoke with stated that they expected no problems. A pilot advocacy group said they were concerned that continued drone jamming could cause trouble for pilots with less aviation experience.

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