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How to stop GPS tracking devices on your smartphone

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

After having a cell phone with a GPS system for many years, it seemed unusual when it was not. Despite the rapid growth in smartphone usage, many people still have paper maps and impressive visual memories. But all these people with a sense of direction will install GPS on their phones, whether they like it or not.

Regardless, the Federal Communications Commission estimates that, with or without the latest regulations, 85% of mobile phone users will use GPS tracking devices by 2018. It is hoped that the remaining 15% of users can drop all 911 calls before joining. How to stop this kind of GPS tracking device is a topic of great concern, and gps jammer is such a tool.

Without a cell phone and being completely isolated from the rest of the world for ten days, this proposal is so appealing that I can't resist it. It's weird to see how the signal bar on your phone melts like an iceberg in the warm water, even a little scary at first. Five, four, then three, two, one ... and then nothing.

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